3 x Veterinary Joint Supplement with Turmeric, for Cats and Small Dogs

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Seraquin joint supplements for dogsSeraquin joint supplements for dogs

What is Seraquin?

Seraquin is a nutritional supplement that supports normal joint function in dogs and cats. As a palatable tablet, it can be given as a tasty treat alongside any medicine. You can be confident Seraquin is the right choice – it is one of the leading joint supplements for cats and dogs in the UK.

Seraquin joint supplement for cats and dogs productsSeraquin joint supplement for cats and dogs products

Benefits of Seraquin

Signs of a dog joint problemSigns of a dog joint problem

Top tips to maintain your pet’s joint health

Improve their living conditions

Improve their living conditions

Ensure your dog has a soft, warm bed to rest onLet them use ramps instead of stairs where possibleConsider raising their feeding bowl to reduce strain through bending down

Provide regular, gentle exercise

Provide regular, gentle exercise

Regular, gentle exercise prevents joints stiffening up so your dog can remain activeVery energetic exercise such as excessive running and lots of stairs should be avoided

Consider alternative therapies

Consider alternative therapies

Hydrotherapy (which involves your dog swimming in a purpose-built pool) helps to increase muscle mass to support joints and is so low impact it doesn’t aggravate issues.

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