90GJ Pet bell locator dog small cat tracker anti-lost artifact tracking waterproof real-time gps collar real-time positioning real map no delay positioning every 5 seconds

Price: £81.90
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Name: Pet Bell Positioning GPS / WIFI / Base Station
Motion Detection: Triaxial Accelerometer
Host Net Weight: 18g
Host Size: Diameter 32mm
High Performance Configuration: 64-Bit Processor + GPS SOC chip
Life: 8-10 days standby, 5-6 days of normal use
Waterproof rating: IP65
Working temperature: -10°C~+ 70
Package containing books
Positioning and motion detectors

The bell design is exquisite and concealed: the innovative bell design is safer and concealed, and it is not easy to be picked up by the bad guys.
Cat and dog universal: any type of collar, bell decoration design and concealed
Imported chip multiple positioning: using imported MTK2503 chipset, integrated GPS / BDS / LBS WIFI positioning technology, truly achieve high precision indoor and outdoor positioning
Waterproof and dustproof design, compact and light, not cumbersome, decorated on the body of pets, not obvious, suitable for large, medium and small pets to wear, fast charging for 2 hours, continuous work for 5-7 days, cycle charging