Ace Canine Healthcare FLEX Celadrin 90 capsules

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Celadrin is a proven joint support compound for dogs developed in America through a proprietary process of esterifying natural oils. Celadrin is an innovative all natural ingredient from vegetable origins, which has been shown to support joint health in dogs and has no known side effects. The Benefits of FlexCeladrin Celadrin systematically focuses cell membrane fluidity and elasticity throughout the body. This includes the fluids that cushion bones and joints to maintain flexibility and mobility so that your dog may move with ease and freedom. Celadrin has been proven to provide cumulative (continuous and restorative) benefit. Celadrin’s has a unique method of action which means that it can be given as an additional complimentary supplement for increased effect. Celadrin is also effective on the types of soft tissue where normal joint supplements are less effective. These include muscular, spinal and tendon tissues. How do I feed Flex Celadrin to my dog? Flex Celadrin is a capsule that can either be given whole, or opened and the contents, a small amount of a mild tasting white powder, sprinkled onto or mixed into your dog’s food. Dogs under 10 kg should take one capsule per day, dogs over 10 kg but under 20kg need two capsules and dogs over 20 kg need three capsules. It is best given at meal times. Is Celadrin safe for my dog’s health? Celadrin is a fairly new compound to be used as a supplement, but has had extensive research completed on it, which has deemed it safe and extremely effective.. Celadrin was used in the USA before being brought over to the UK. Over the past ten years Celadrin has been tested as a nutritional substance, and although a new product, it has paved its way into the human market with good results. Celadrin is an all natural product, and side effects are extremely rare.