ALL FOR PAWS AFP Snuggle Sheep Pet Behavioral Aid Toy Warm Plush Toy Warm Bear ((No Heartbeat Only Warming Bag)

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Easily warm up the bag of tourmaline in a microwave and put it in the warm bear. Your little furry friend will feel warm and cosy cuddling with his new warm bear toy. It is an innovative, unique and creative dog toy.

(No heartbeat only warming bag)Recreates intimacy with physical warmth which eases crying, loneliness and separation anxiety in pets.
(No heartbeat only warming bag)Disposable warming pack provides an extra source of comfort for your pet and is all natural, odorless, and simple to use with no electricity, no microwaving, and no mess
(No heartbeat only warming bag)Easy to clean, the plush toy is machine washable with the heart removed.
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