AniForte BARF Complete 500g for Dogs – 100% Natural Barf Supplement with Minerals, Vitamins and Herbs – Premium Quality, Rich in Calcium & Ideal as Daily All-Round Care for Raw Food Diets

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AniForte BARF Complete Raw Food Supplement

AniForte BARF Complete Raw Food Supplement is a daily all-in-one healthy food supplement for dogs. As a high-quality supplement, it provides your dog with all of the important essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that are required daily for a healthy dog’s life. You simply add a certain amount of the granules (see feeding instructions) to your dog’s food every day. The fine granules are part of the BARF diet and they are made of 100% natural ingredients without any artificial additives, bulking agents or other by-products. Thanks to the carefully selected natural, raw materials, the high-quality BARF mixture is suitable for both old and young dogs from 9 months+. – Healthy complementary granules to add to your dog’s food with all the important essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. – The perfect all-round BARF supplement to round off your pets’ raw food diet. – No artificial additives or preservatives, made with 100% natural and raw ingredients. – Aids digestion, which supports weight loss in overweight dogs. – Simply add meat. You may also add other supplements of your choice.

Analytical components:
Crude ash 18,2 %, crude fibre 7,0 %, crude protein 27,5 %, crude fat 4,7 %, Vitamins per kg: Vitamin A (retinol) 300 µg, vitamin C 20mg, vitamin B1 22mg, vitamin B2 10mg, vitamin B6 16 mg, vitamin B12 7 µg, niacin 118 mg, biotin 436 µg, pantothenic acid 13 mg, folic acid 2.05 mg, vitamin D3 7.5µg, vitamin E 23 mg Minerals per kg: Sodium 1800 mg, potassium 16500 mg, magnesium 4800 mg, calcium 45600 mg, phosphorus 7600 mg

Feeding recommendations:
Mix AniForte BARF Complete Raw Food Supplement with your dog’s daily feed.
Small dogs: 1 teaspoon
Medium dogs: 2 teaspoons
Large dogs: 3 teaspoons
(1 teaspoon is equivalent to approximately 2 g)

Important Notice:
Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

The ingredients in this product can help to support your pets’ general health and coat and skin condition. Positive health effects for your pet can also include boosting metabolism, facilitating cell renewal and fighting free radicals.
Free from chemical additives, bulking agents, other by-products or any artificial substances – Sourced directly from nature’s pharmacy.
AniForte’s BARF Complete Dog food supplement also aids digestion, which supports weight loss in overweight dogs.
Carefully crafted recipe containing Seaweed, Pure Brewers Yeast, Egg Shell Powder and herbal richness for a happy dog’s life.