ANWA Dog Bed Large Size Dogs, Washable Dog Crate Bed Cushion, Dog Crate Pad Large Dogs 36 INCH

(as of Dec 14,2020 23:12:49 UTC – Details)

A durable dog bed gives your dog the pleasant feeling that they have a personal space. This dog bed is extremely soft and cozy for most pets. Designed with ultimate comfort, giving your dog the overall comfort they need, keep in mind this dog bed mat is not an orthopedic dog bed. Great materials and quality construction, makes this dog beds apart from others and provide excellent value. Cozy dog beds relieve aches and pains and provide soothing warmth for your pet. It’s Ideal also as a cat bed and can be used as dog crate bed, dog cage bed, dog kennels bed, as a car bed or puppy bed. This is an interior dog bed and cannot be used as an outdoor dog bed or for outdoor dog kennel. It can be used as dog crates bed for small dogs, dog crates bed for medium dog or dog crates bed for large dogs. Your buddy’s head will be in a flat position for maximum comfort. It can be used as a dog beds for small dogs, a dog beds for medium dogs, as a small dog bed, as a medium dog bed or just as a large dog bed. Machine washable dog bed, this dog bed can be washed in the washing machine with Cold water. For puppies we recommend to use at the beginning dog crate pads or dog mats. This dog crate bed is made of comfortable fabric which is durable and comfy. Ideal medium dog bed can be easily cleaned and maintained. Our cute dog bed is designed for both comfort and style, Overstuffed medium dog beds filled with PP cotton, soft and cozy, perfect for your dog to cuddle. The bolstered sides provide the ultimate comfort for dogs who love to cuddle, curl, and snuggle while sleeping. Non-skid bottom dog bed will prevent the medium dog bed from sliding, keeping safe.

IDEAL 36 x 28 INCH CRATE BED: Right size dog bed means, stretch out, rolling, or any cute behaviors are available! The ideal large crate bed will make your furry friend get a solid night’s sleep. Having a dedicated dog bed means pleasant feeling and unique experience as they feel more comfortable and secured in their personal beds
SIMPLE STYLISH LARGE DOG BED: Designed with extremely comfortable in shape and size, you can easily find ANWA dog bed can be used in multiple ways, as a crate bed, kennel bed, cage bed, even as a dog travel bed in a car or truck. Stylish large dog bed, seamlessly décor to your home
FULLY MACHINE WASHABLE DOG CRATE BED: What about an “accident” or other dirt on your dog bed. Oh come on, this is not what you need to worry, washing machine is shivering! ANWA dog bed is fully machine washabe and can remain shape after times wash, so why not have a try
7 – 24 HOUR WORRY FREE SERVICE: Non-slip bottom dog bed means the bed will not slide while your rambunctious friend play with a favorite toy or have a crazy doggy dream, steady and safe. Any time, we are at your service in 24 hours! Just one more thing, nothing is indestructible, ANWA dog bed is not for heavy chewers, so watch out your friend’s behavior