Arkmiido Pet Cat Tents Teepee Removable Washable Stable Cat House for Little Cat under 6KG, Indoor Outdoor 55x 52.5 x 72cm(Grey)

Jan 06,2021 11:37:33 UTC **CLICK BUY NOW FOR UPDATED PRICE**

Arkmiido make life happier! Our company is committed to producing high quality and safe pet supplies!
Let your pet to enjoy it’s time with our Pet Tent! Join your pet to play and let it know that he or she is important part of your family! You can place the tent in the grass so cat can enjoy the glooming sun in good weather, or put it beside your bed and say good night to your cat on every sweet night.

Dimension: 55x 52.5 x 72cm
Product Weight: Aprox 1.35kg
Material: Special Korean imported fabric, pine pole
Suggestion:for little cat only(less than 6kg).

1x tent cloth
8 x pine pole A
2 x pine pole B
2 x pine pole C
1 x tent rope
2 x wooden buttons
4 x non-slip cover
1 x bottom cloth

SAFETY:We use thick pine wood as the frame. This material has high strength, bending resistance and wear resistance. We designed the tent into a triangular structure to ensure that the tent is stable and not easy to tip over.
MUTI-FUNCTION: You can wrap the fabric on the wooden frame, so that your pet(cat) has a quiet but breathable private space that isolates insects and small bugs. You can also take off the cloth, leave the base and the triangular wooden frame, your pet(cat) can see you when it resting or playing, and you can also see its cute look.
CAT’S LITTLE HOME: For pets, the pet tent & house is not only representative of comfort, but also a sense of security. Our pet house is a toy house and a nest for pets. Suitable for your home decoration, it can be easily integrated into your living space.
OCCASION: The triangular structure makes it easy and quick to set up and take down, saving your time and effort. So it’s great gift for your pets for various occasions, camping, traveling, indoor activities in your room, outdoor in your patio.