ASPORS Pet tracker GPS bluetooth devices collar tag, Real-Time Dog Locater Activity Monitor, Support mobile SIM card-Pink

Price: £98.99
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Product model: Pet tracker
Battery capacity: 400mAH
Stand-alone size: 3.9cm*3.9cm*1.1cm
Support communication: mobile (telecom card is not supported)
button: one button (power button/SOS button)
GPS antenna: High-sensitivity ceramic active antenna
Power management: ultra-low power consumption power management
Electronic fence: automatic alarm
if it exceeds the setting range Weight: 20g Net weight of the machine
Color blue, pink, yellow
Packing list: host, charging base, Charging cable, manual
certificate, packing box, protective sleeve, collar

With the multiple positioning mode, no matter where the signal is poor, such as indoors and parks, it can be accurately positioned, the signal will not disappear, and the positioning error is small. .
Using fast charging technology, the standby time can be up to 5 days, solving the trouble of long charging time and frequent charging. When the power is less than 20%, there will be a low battery alarm to remind.
Innovative LED dazzle lights. When you find a pet at night, just open the device on the APP, the device will turn on the color flashing lights, and at the same time, it will make a sound. It is also easy to find a pet at night.
Battery capacity 400mAH, stand-alone size 3.9cm*3.9cm*1.1cm