Astral Nutrition OPTIANML Allurexin Appetite Stimulant For Dogs – 1 Month Supply | Boosts Hunger Levels | For Dogs That Won’t Eat

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Product Description

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Allurexin is an appetite boosting pill designed specifically for dogs.

The formula works to help switch on the brain’s natural “hungry switch”, triggering a natural spike in your dog’s appetite.

Additionally, this product helps promote optimal nutrient uptake to ensure your dog is absorbing the maximum amount of nutrients possible from its food.

We have created Allurexin with “twist and sprinkle” capsules, making it perfect for those dogs that do not like to take tablets – simply mix the capsule contents in with your dogs food and you’re done!

Allurexin Works In 4 Key Ways:

man hugging his dogman hugging his dog

1. It helps to quickly increase your dog’s natural desires to eat:

The active ingredients within Allurexin are specifically designed to trigger your dogs hunger; this in turn will help your dog begin to naturally start eating more and more with daily usage.

2. It promotes maximum calorie & nutrient absorption:

When your dog isn’t eating properly it will be missing out on many of the vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals required to remain healthy. The Allurexin formula is additionally designed to help maximize the nutrient-intake from the food that your dog does manage to eat, minimizing the risks of malnutrition.

3. It promotes optimal gut health & digestive function:

Gut and digestive health are some of the first things to decline if your dog is not eating; inactivity can cause indigestion, and an imbalance in your dog’s gut flora – meaning that increased levels of harmful gut bacteria are almost a certainty. Allurexin counters this by promoting optimal healthy gut bacteria, as well as increasing digestion efficiency.

4. It promotes optimal lean muscle mass & bone density:

Reduced food intake over the long term can lead to a number of physical symptoms, such as muscle and bone loss. Allurexin has been purpose-formulated to counter the main risks of animal malnutrition – brittle bones and reduced muscle mass. By helping naturally strengthen bones and encourage lean muscle mass growth, Allurexin helps to reverse any potential negative effects your dog may have incurred.

Promotes maximum calorie & nutrient absorption
Promotes optimal gut health & digestive function
Promotes optimal lean muscle mass & bone density