Astral Nutrition OPTIANML Reviten Dog Joint Supplement | Improves Dog Joint Health | Relieves Stiffness

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Product Description

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Reviten is a joint protection pill that’s designed specifically for dogs.

The formula works to help completely protect your dog’s joints from deterioration, while also working to actively restore and renew joints.

Additionally, the Reviten formula works to alleviate joint discomfort & inflammation, restore mobility, and promote optimal joint tissue collagen levels.

We have created Reviten with “twist and sprinkle” capsules, making it perfect for those dogs that do not like to take tablets – simply mix the capsule contents in with your dogs food and you’re done!

Reviten Works In 4 Key Ways:

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1. It relines and re-lubricates all of your dog’s joints:

Whether it be caused by age or genetics, your dog’s joints take a real beating throughout its life, which is why ensuring that they’re looked after is very very important for preserving their function, mobility and overall quality of life. Reviten contains a formula that has specifically been designed to help reline and re-lubricate your dog’s joints from within.

2. It helps alleviate joint discomfort & inflammation:

Joint discomfort, stiffness, or swelling can stem from multiple different reasons, with the most common being OA, RA, lifestyle, age, and weight. The Reviten formula works to naturally ease soreness and inflammation, helping to take your dog’s mind away from any discomfort it may be experiencing.

3. It helps restore your dog’s range of motion & mobility:

Unfortunately, joint issues can be a fact of life for your dog, especially when it reaches its senior years, but that does not mean there’s nothing you as the owner can do to help the situation. With sustained daily usage, the beneficial effects of Reviten lend themselves perfectly to restoring your dog’s mobility and overall quality of life.

4. It promotes optimal joint tissue collagen levels:

Finally, ensuring that you’re providing your dog with everything it requires for optimal joint tissue health is vital for recovery and protection. Because of this, we have designed Reviten to help enhance joint tissue collagen levels, further helping to support your dog’s joint cartilage and cushioning.

Helps alleviate joint discomfort & inflammation
Promotes joint tissue collagen levels