Barker and Barker 300 Small Fruit and Veg Dog Training Treats – Low Fat, Low Calorie, Grain Free

Barker and Barker 300 Small Fruit and Veg Dog Training Treats - Low Fat, Low Calorie, Grain Free

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Our Fruit and Veg Treats have been designed to use as a repeat reward during training or as a simple anytime treat. They provide a very tasty yet low fat healthy reward that your dog will love. Don’t be fooled that your dog will only eat a treat because its made from meat. Fruit & Veg Treats smell fantastic and dogs respond well to the smell and taste of this healthy high protein treat. Barker & Barker Fruit & Veg Treats include brewers yeast which contains many B vitamins and is great for your dogs coat and skin. The ingredients list also includes the super vegetable Kelp which through it’s iodine content will help optimise your dog’s metabolism leading to far better weight control. Also in the mix are Fenugreek which will help sweeten your dogs breath and Alfalfa which is a great anti-inflamatory for the joints and a renowned cholesterol buster. To add some natural sweetness as well as a multitude of vitamins and to greatly enhance the anti-oxidant content, we have Blueberry, Pumpkin, Apple and Carrot. Although these treats are designed primarily as training treats, your dog will love them anytime. Give them as a general reward any time during the day or why not sprinkle a handful over your dog’s meal to add the fruit & veg bonus that is often missing from their diet. As an extra special treat, mix them up with one or more of the other variety Barker & Barker Treats and give them together

Naturally low fat and low salt Only 0.4 calorie per treat
100% Natural Human Grade Ingredients only Cereal and Grain Free
Small compressed treats ideal for repeat rewarding won’t crumble in your pocket
Ideal for puppies and small breeds Also available in MEDIUM treat size