Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit | Feline Breed Groups, Diseases and Traits | Cats DNA Testing Includes 17+ Genetic Diseases | Just Swab & Send a DNA Sample – Get Your Report in Just 4-6 Weeks

Mar 27,2021 17:13:37 UTC **CLICK BUY NOW FOR UPDATED PRICE**

The Basepaws Cat DNA Test helps cat owners learn about their cat’s breed, health, traits, and habits – all with just a bit of DNA, collected at home. Is your cat a Western Maine Coon? An Eastern Burmese? Or a perfectly adorable polycat? Using our world-class database of feline genetics, Basepaws can estimate your tabby’s origins to more than 17 breed types and four breed regions. Your cat’s DNA will be able to say so many of the things they can’t. Using the latest science we can show if your cat has any health risks in their genes. We have manually curated health markers for every sample we have sequenced and can recognize 40+ markers representing 17 genetic diseases including: Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), Retinal degeneration, Hypothyroidism. You’ll find out if your cat is a Tiger, Cheetah, or maybe even a Lion when we compare your cat’s DNA with the 37 common cat species. It’s may explain your kitten’s roar-like meow. When you join Basepaws, you are joining a community that is constantly evolving. Our database grows larger on a daily basis, so when we have updates for your cat’s report, we send you updates. “Like any overly attached, co-dependent pet parent, I’d like to understand my cat in every way: intellectually, emotionally, spiritually-and even on a cellular level. The first three are always going to be somewhat elusive, but it’s 2019, the future is now, and I’ve found a company to help me with the fourth.” – Caitlin Schneider

🐈 SCREEN FOR COMMON FELINE DISEASES – We utilize the same genetic testing approach used to analyze human DNA. We’re the only company on the market whose report includes 39 gene mutations which correspond to 17 feline conditions and diseases, including PKD and HCM. As Seen On Shark Tank and Ellen’s List.
📑 EASY AND FAST – Receive results in just 4-6 weeks! Each report consists of 35+ detailed pages describing nearly every possible feline illness (from polycystic kidney disease to mucopolysaccharidosis). Simply swab your cat’s cheek for 5 seconds, then send your sample back to the US-Based Basepaws laboratory. Return shipping is included with each kit sent within the US.
🧬 GET INSIGHTS ABOUT YOUR CAT – If you adopted your cat from a shelter or found a stray in your community, chances are their health and history is a big mystery! Yet, you can stay one step ahead and avoid potential threats to their health with actionable insights about possible genetic diseases. Securing a longer, happier future for you and your best friend!
😽 IMPORTANT NOTE – this is NOT a breed identifier (we cannot confirm your cat’s pedigree). We report the breed composition of your cat by looking for genomic similarities to specific breeds.