BELLE&BLU Dog Grooming Brush Undercoat Rake for Cats & Dogs | Deshedding Tool, Cat Comb | Dramatically Reduces Shedding, Eliminate Mats & Tangles | For Short to Long Hair Breeds

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Product Description

Every dog owner knows that dogs love to roll in who knows what. Whether mud, puddles, branches or soil, everything stays stuck in its beautiful fur. Did you know that ungroomed fur and undercoat can cause skin irritation and tangles? This can then lead to very unpleasant skin discomfort for your pet. But with the best-selling dog brush from Belle & Blu you will quickly become master of the fur chaos and do something good for your four-legged friend.

The undercoat brush you’ve been looking for for a long time.

Sound familiar? Just after cleaning, dog hair are lying around again? Does it take a felt eternity until you are finished with grooming? The brush is uncomfortable in your hand and after a short time you already have calluses on your hands? Does your dog run away at the sight of a brush? Have you not found the right brush for you and your darling yet? This is now over. Because with the Belle & Blu undercoat brush, tangles, knots and loose undercoat can be removed in no time at all. All this is a piece of cake, gentle and promotes the health of fur and skin.

The fur brush that reduces hair by up to 90%.

Your advantages: Removes stubborn tangles & knots in no time at all for a radiant coat. Easy removal of undercoat, bending animal hair from flying around before regular brushing promotes the health of the skin and the coat. The rounded ends are gentle on the skin of your four-legged friend and reduce the risk of injury. Gentle grooming for humans and animals.

Choose the high-quality grooming products from Belle & Blu. With the Belle & Blu undercoat brush, you not only effectively remove dead top hair, but also loose undercoat from your four-legged friend. The blades of the brush penetrate deep into the coat to remove any loose hair in all areas. This not only stimulates blood circulation so that new hair can grow vigorously, but also ensures a shiny, healthy coat and a hair-free home.

Ideal for weekly grooming. Once a week, your pet should be groomed with the Belle & Blu undercoat brush to remove loose hair and undercoat from the coat. The undercoat brush removes loose fur and undercoat without cutting or damaging the top coat. So the hair of your pet can be reduced by up to 90 percent.

For which dog and cat breeds is the Belle & Blu undercoat brush suitable? The Belle & Blu undercoat brush achieves the best results on all hair breeds with undercoat such as Labrador, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, German Shepherd, Spaniel, Husky, British Longhaired Cats, etc.

✔︎ TRAPS EXCESS FUR WITHOUT CUTTING OR DAMAGING FUR. – Unlike most de-shedding tools (brush, rake or comb) on the market that can cause painful brush burns and irritation, the BELLE&BLU’s smooth edges protect the skin and provide a relaxing massage that dogs and cats love. BELLE&BLU pet brushes have been designed for the well-being of your pets. It leaves your dog’s coat looking well groomed and healthy.
✔︎ PERFECT GROOMING WITH MINIMAL EFFORT – The BELLE&BLU de-matting tool makes it easy to remove uncomfortable tangles and mats from a dog’s fur. With double sided stainless steel teeth, which can be worked smoothly through tangles and mats, this professional grooming tool promotes good skin health for dogs by penetrating deep in the undercoat and removing shedding fur with ease.
✔ EASY-TO-USE ERGONOMIC, NON-SLIP HANDLE – Made for a comfortable, solid grip. The ergonomic handle of our BELLE&BLU professional deshedder is shaped to fit comfortably the contours of your hand. The BELLE&BLU pet comb does not only keep your pet comfortable and safe, but also guarantees a comfortable grooming experience for their pet parents. That’s why both pets and pet parents love BELLE&BLU.
✔︎ THE BELLE&BLU GUARANTEE. – When it comes to the quality and reliability of our products we set the bar very high. Our promise is to provide you with high quality products for you and your pet. If you are not 100% satisfied, let us know and we’ll happily give you a replacement or a full refund – that’s a guarantee you can count on.