BIG NOSE- Wall Mounted Cat Condos Tree House

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Product Description


Model Wall Set: Perches + Steps + Scratching Post


Tree house adds on the Multivel


As the most cat wall basic, Multivel wall mounted climbing shelves can allow our cat go high easily and fast. It is an open design in different needs. What can you do with a Multivel?


All the steps and hammock can to added according to you need between post. You can have step1+step2+hammock or step1+hammock+step2.


If you have one Multivel mounted, you can add another Multivel on it until the ground or ceiling. A tree house is also a good choice.


Sturdy structure but all the componants can be adjusted according to your needNatural made material to sure a healthy life for both cat and humanSave your groud space but enhance your cat’s worldDIY cat tree and satisfy your different needs

The Most Selected Materials









Adjustable hardware

Bignose designed brackets with a 1.57” adjustable distance from wall which allows a more comfortable installation. With the adjustable distance, Multivels cat shelves can be applied to any different space on wall easily.

Top end screw with a big Cap which allows us to take off the cat tree from wall easily by hand. Or we may continue build up the structure if needed.

The Most Selected Material- Solid Pine Wood Board

Compared with MDF ( medium density fiberboard) and practical board, BIG NOSE wall mounted cat tree is with solid curved wood steps. Different with those man-made boards, Multivels steps are 100% from nature pinewood

The Most Selected Material-Strong Jute

The most popular rolling material for cat trees is sisal, jute and carpet. Immediately we take carpet away from our wall mounted series because of the durability and practicability.We do spent much time in making a decision between sisal and jute because they are both good material for scratching. Especially sisal, with the natural smell which is attractive to cats. However, we found something later in our product testing room. Cats who just have the nail clipped or polished will have a higher percentage of failure to climb up the sisal post.

After comparation, we find jute is softer than sisal which can allow cats to scratch in easily. For climbing, especially with distance from ground, safety comes first. We don’t want to see any injury or loss of step accident for our cat users. This fact leads us to select jute for the wall mounted series and in order to enhance the durability, we choose the thickness of 1/5 inch jute to make a strong rolling and smooth surface.

The Most Selected Material- Screws

In order to make the installation easier, all the connecting is special made and can be applied with screwdriver. Compare with the other cat tree screws, the 304 stainless screw can enhance the durabiliy as large as possible.

Package and Accessories


1 pc


2 pcs.

Screws Pack

1 pack- including 4 wall mounted screws, 2 commecting screws and 2 head screws. Drywall anchors included as well.

Scratching Post

3 pcs.

House Bag

1 pc

Step Boards

2 pcs

Cats are scratchingCats are scratching

Strong and sturdy construction, cat hide-out is fast to assemble and the cover can be removed for washing
Curious cat house / cat condo is a great retreat for cats, providing the privacy for cats and let them have more fun for hiding
It can also be the added shelves after remove the cover. Two solid wood shelves are adjustable to direction.
Healthy environment comes first and Big Nose products are all make from natural material .