Cadoc – Nature Exclusive Bowel ProActive

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This feed supplement for dogs has Enterococcus faecium, which contains micro-organisms which support the intestinal flora and general good health. The lactic acid-forming germ Enterococcus faecium survives the gastric passage undamaged and can therefore multiply rapidly in the small intestine and thus provide maximum effectiveness. This improves food digestion, and helps to stabilise gut flora levels. CADOC Nature Exclusive Bowel ProActive is ideal for pets with gastrointestinal tract problems, especially those caused by stress, antibiotics, feed intolerance, or changes to diet. The natural lactic-acid-producing germ Enterococcus faecium quickly and colonises the intestinal mucosa like a protective shield, preventing harmful germs from attaching themselves to the intestinal villi.

Forms a protective shield to stabilise and maintain healthy glut flora
Aids stomach and intestinal problems due to stress and antibiotics
Supports the gastrointestinal system during feed changes and intolerances
Developed, tested, and recommended by our experienced veterinarian; please ask us if you require any advice