Cadoc – Nature Exclusive Brewers Yeast

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Feed supplements for dogs and cats. This pure natural product stimulates the appetite with a delicious taste, and contains all important compound active ingredients, such as biotin, minerals, every B vitamin, and high-quality protein. The B vitamins contained in the brewer’s yeast complement each other positively, strengthening the immune system and helping to prevent nutrient deficiencies during and after illness, or acting as a supportive supplement to diet. Biotin strengthens claws, and protects the skin and hair, and the B vitamins act as a catalyst in tissue, and are important for protein and carbohydrate metabolism, cell division, and nerve strength and vitality. This provides increased energy (to support training, breeding, etc.), and a willingness to perform, promoted by high mineral content and trace elements. NATURE EXCLUSIVE Brewers Yeast is an excellent supplement for daily nutrition.

With all B vitamins, biotin, minerals, and high-quality protein; all-natural, premium product for optimal nutrition
Strengthens the immune system, balances nutrients to prevent deficiencies, and promotes cell division
Biotin and minerals for stronger claws, protects skin and hair, and promotes performance readiness
Developed, tested, and recommended by our experienced veterinarian; please ask us if you require any advice