Canina Pharma Barfer’s Best Junior 850g

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Canina Barfer’s Best Junior
Canina Barfer’s Best Junior is a natural feed supplement specially designed for puppies and young dogs. During the growth period it is important that dogs receive all the necessary nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. This is especially important for a BARF diet, because a one-sided diet can quickly lead to a lack of nutrients. This is why Canina has developed this product so that muscles, tendons and ligaments are optimally supplied and develop well. Barfer’s Best Junior also has a good effect on the joints.

Daily feeding recommendation
Dog weighs 5 – 20 kg when grown:
Puppy’s month of life:

1-5 months: 2 teaspoons
6-15 months: 1 teaspoon

Dog weighs > 20 kg:
Puppy’s month of life:

1-5 months: 3 teaspoons
6-15 months: 2 teaspoons

The dosage depends on the body weight of the adult dog.

Do not exceed the recommended feeding.

350 or 850 g

Calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, monocalcium phosphate, yeast, seaweed, green lip, shell meat flour (Perna canaliculus), sodium chloride

During the growth phase for optimal development of bones and joints
Contains vitamins and minerals including calcium to meet demand
Our products are developed and tested with our experienced veterinarian. If you need advice, please call us.