Catalysis VIUSID Pets 150ml oral supplement for dogs & cats with liver & immune problems

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VIUSID pets is a nutritional preparation made of antioxidants, vitamins, trace mineral and glycyrrhizinic acid, extracted from the liquorice root that has antiviral properties. It is specifically designed to boost the immune system. VIUSID pets is ideal for any condition where the immune system is under stress or deficient. It is a powerful hepatoprotectant. It is common knowledge that consuming antioxidant nutrients is essential to ensure that the immune system works correctly. VIUSID pets ensures the correct delivery of these essential nutrients. It naturally increases the antiviral response. The molecular activation of the ingredients of VIUSID pets increases their biological activity and improves their antioxidant and antiviral functions, providing an enhanced capacity for the natural immune response of animals. It is especially useful for neonates and pregnant females. Viusid pets is particularly suitable to be used as an adjuvant therapy for viral and parasitic illnesses, in chronic wasting diseases, and to build up the immune system of neonates , puppies and expecting mothers. It is also and effective appetite stimulant. Due to its composition of natural ingredients, VIUSID pets has no side effects

boosts immune system – useful where immune system is under stress – to strengthen immune system
especially useful for puppies, kittens and pregnant dogs & cats – useful in parasitic illness –
useful in chronic wasting illnesses – useful for liver problems & liver failure
an effective appetite stimulant – all natural ingredients – no side effects