cdVet Naturprodukte Fell & Haut Vital Hund & Katze 6 kg – Dog, cat – Complementary feed – coat + skin problems – coat change – organism support – hair rupture – dandruff – hair loss –

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For appropriate feeding of animals prone to coat and skin problems. An optimal supply of minerals, trace elements and selected herbs supports the physiological body functions and metabolic processes, a prerequisite for healthy skin and a shiny coat. Proven herbal combination to the support while shedding of coat. cats & small dogs up to 5kg: 3g; dogs up to 10kg: 5g; dogs up to 25kg: 10g, dogs up to 35kg: 15g, dogs up to 60kg: 25g at least once daily onto the feed Because of the high content of bentonite montmorillonite this feed can only be supplemented up to 50% of the daily feed ration.

The best health supplement for your pet
Made with natural ingredients