cdVet Naturprodukte Fit-BARF BM-Yeast 600 g – Dog & Cat – brewer’s yeast – skin & coat support – biotin – folic acid – iron – zinc – carbohydrates – trace elements – raw feeding – BARF –

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BM-yeast (brewer´s yeast bounded on malt germs) contains biotin, folic acids, ferrous, zinc and trace elements which has a positive influence on the condition and resistance of skin and hair. Also the ability for regeneration of the single cells can be affected diet-related. Malt germs distinguish themselves by its content of slightly digestible carbohydrates, crude fiber and crude protein. Through their high content of crude fiber the seedling has a good dietary value. Complementary feed for cats and dogs. Composition: Malt germs, brewer´s yeast. Analytical constituents and levels: Crude protein 30%, crude oils and fats 2, 0%, crude fiber 9, 0%, crude ash 7, 0%. Feeding recommendation: Daily cats/small dogs 1 measuring spoon; Middle size dogs 2 measuring spoons; big size dogs 3 measuring spoons. 1 measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 1,2g.

Support for skin and coat
contains biotin , folic acid, iron, zinc and trace elements
has a positive influence on the condition and resistence of skin and hair
high content of crude fiber