Cholodin for Cats – 50 Tablets

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Cholodin is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats that show signs of ageing which may include changes to appetite, mood and memory.

Recommended for
Various encouraging clinical trials have been carried out on the effectiveness of Cholodin for symptoms of old age:
Poor hearingListlessnessDaytime snoozingPeeing in the houseLack of recognitionNot responsive to stimulusTension caused by slower brain function

LazinessUncleanliness (cats urinating in the house)Reduced memoryIrritabilityFrequent and loud meowingStressLack of appetiteExcessive moulting

Cholodin may have a supportive effect in case of complaints caused by the ageing of the brain. It is important to let your veterinarian rule out other medical causes. Veterinarians in the U.S. have reported good results with primary epilepsy.

Difference between Cholodin for cats and dogs
Cholodin for cats contains taurine, an essential amino acid for cats that acts as a neurotransmitter between nerve cells. Unlike dogs, cats cannot produce their own taurine.

Dosage and application

Daily dosage

1 tablet

Dog up to 11kg
1/2 tablet

Dog 11-23kg
1 tablet

Dog 23kg and over
2 tablets

The tablets are easily tolerated and absorbed. Dogs will eat them as a treat and many cats will too. If this is not the case, the tablet can be broken up and mixed into food. It is important to adhere to the effective dosage.

Possible side effects
Hyperactivity and muscle tremors have been observed in some very active pets.

Please note…