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(as of Jan 23,2021 00:32:32 UTC – Details)

Big enough for all types of cats and small dogs
Ideal to place on a surface such as sofa, floor, and cat perches
Can also be used to add extra comfort to your pet carrier and outdoor pet house
Style: pet mat
Color&Size: as shown
Material: cotton material
Package include:
Pet Mat x 1
Feature: Soft & Full comfy rim for pets to rest their head, the fabric offers unparalleled warmth and comfort; Cotton pad full cotton, comfortable.

Cloth: This cloth can relieve pain in joints and muscles of pets. The surface of the cloth is very warm. Even in winter, we don’t have to worry about the pets getting cold. They can be used in all seasons.
Easy to clean: Easy to clean, fast drying, comfortable and breathable, saving a lot of trouble. The entire bed can be machine washed to reduce bacterial reproduction and protect pet health.
Durable: This plush pet cushion is comfortable, soft, and smooth to take care of your pet’s skin. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-slip and mildew resistant. In winter, the warm and comfortable nesting pet mat provides a comfortable place for your pet.
Supports harmonious sleep: A quality dog mat designed for pets is perfect for pets who like to curl up. The soft comfort of the dog mattress creates a sense of security and provides them with a feeling of safety and a restful sleep while sleeping.