COTOP Portable Dog Water Bottle 350/550ml, Pet Water Dispenser Antibacterial Food Grade Leak Proof Dog Cat Travel Drink Bottle Bowl, Pet Outdoor Drinking Cup Dog Gift(White)

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Product Description

Top quality. Tout defaut, nous vous enverrons un nouveauTop quality. Tout defaut, nous vous enverrons un nouveau

The animaux on the eye of the seaThe animaux on the eye of the sea

Animals also need a bottle that belongs to them to drink water

Best gift for your pet

Bouquet of Boisson CatBouquet of Boisson Cat

Pet BottlePet Bottle

Let dogs drink water outside is no longer a problem

When we travel outside or go out, especially in summer, our pets will be thirst, we should take care of them enough and give them water to drink.

It may have trouble feeding the dog when it gets mineral water, the way it drink water is incorrect, easily flows through the dog’s nose and choke

If you let the puppy play freely and bring water to drink alone, dirty water is easy to sick the dog, we don’t want this to happen, because pets are like our children or friends

Dog Water BottleDog Water Bottle

Dog drinking waterDog drinking water

Small size, large capacity, portable and convenient



L'Eau De Retour à La Bouteille

L'Eau De Retour à La Bouteille

Bande et Boucle Portable Accrochantes

Bande et Boucle Portable Accrochantes

The dog water bottle has a rubber seal ring to prevent water leakage

Puppy drinking water bottle with rubber sealing ring on the cover to prevent water leakage, at the same time, it is convenient to carry and store in the backpack

Simple and quick operation, easy to feed small animals

If the cat or dog is thirsty, take out its own bottle, turn on the small switch and press the button with one hand to release the water. If the puppy can’t finish drinking, keep pressing the button, the water can return to the bottle without waste.

Equipped with a cord and a metal hook

We have set up a lanyard and a water bottle hook for each buyer, which is convenient to carry and does not allow any pressure when traveling. The size of the water bottle is approximately the size of an ordinary mineral water bottle.

Quick and easy to use: one key open/lock water, one hand operation, easy to feed water.
Compact Size: 12oz fresh water capacity, quickly provide your thirsty pets with fresh water when walking, walking, travel. A perfect water bottle for pets.
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