Currant Pet Drops 80 25ml Bottle with Dropper

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DEFINITION – It is the preparation in drops with the highest dosage of GLA (Ac. γ Linolenic) and with an ideal ratio Omega 6 and Omega 3, equal to 4:1, as per international literature. – Particularly suitable for the treatment of allergic diseases, both canine and feline, in every phase from acute to chronic or relapsing, without side effects – Currant Pet in drops combines dosage accuracy, for small patients, at convenience for medium and large dogs (German Pastori, Boxer, Labrador/Golden, Setter). UNIQUE FEATURES – The highest GLA content in Veterinarian: average content 170 mg per gram of pure oil – Essential Fatty Acids Omega 6 (Ac. Linoleic) and Omega 3 (Ac. α Linolenic) – Long chain fatty acids Omega 6 (Ac. γ Linolenic) and Omega 3 (Ac. Stearidonic) ACTIVITIES – Restructuring: able to restore the optimal functions of “barrier” of the epidermis – Immunomodulant: able to control (thanks to the high level of GLA, precursor of anti-inflammatory Prostaglandins PGE1) the hyperproduction of lymphocytes Th2 – Anti-inflammatory: thanks to Omega 3 (Ac. α Linolenic and Ac. Stearidonic) able to counteract inflammatory mediators: Prostaglandins (PGE2), Cytokines (IL6), Leukotrienes (LTB4). Important: The effect of RIBES PET persists even after discontinuing its administration (absence of relaps); this allows its use in cycles, throughout the life of the atopic.