dobar 62201 Walky Guard – Sturdy Boot, to any Car Adjustable Dog Guard Partition, 29 to 45 x 13 cm, Black

(as of Dec 06,2020 04:54:45 UTC – Details)

‘The most dog guard are strung on special car models cut and it is often a boring bet you to install or remove if needed. While divider “Walky Guard, however, walking hand in hand versatility, ease of use and stability. The precise design allows you to attach this safety gate in almost any in-car to install (except Volvo).. A telescope system ensures that the wide of each strut the grille to fit Can be easily adjusted according to needs. Settings Between 85 cm and 152 cm are possible. At the same time in a similar way to the top strut can raised or lowered. It is also possible a height between 29 cm and 45 cm. The dog guard is attached on the rods of the headrest and can be attached to the front as well as in as far forward as the rear seats. In doing so, the distance between the headrest doesn’t roll. The car boot of can in fact be used attached to a single headrest attachment. This technology ensures an excellent stability of high quality metal construction that can even vibration whilst on the move no sound’t start digging into your shoulders. If you do not have safety gate in the way it can be mounted in less than two minutes once and be removed.

Minimum, maximum height: 29 cm – 45 cm, Minimum/Maximum Width of each strut: 85 cm – 152 cm
The metal construction is very strong and durable and provides optimum protection while driving
The Grid is attached to the ‘pole headrest and can be used on the front as far forward as the rear seats any cars (except Volvo) Angebracht werden
When not required, can be disassembled the dog Gitter very quickly.