Dog Cardio Strength Heart Murmur Supplement Hawthorn Berry Powder, vitamins for pet heart health | Made in USA

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The best all natural pet heart vitamin for cardiac and heart support for dogs and cats. Helps reduce Dog Heart murmur naturally without side effects. Cat murmur is no exception either.
Dog Heart Murmur Supplement: Hundreds of scientific studies have validated hawthorn’s usefulness as a heartguard tonic for pets. It acts a perfect heart supplement for dogs and cats by helping increase circulation and the transport of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body
Pet Heart Vitamins: Hawthorn is not only useful for older dogs but acts as a valuable daily supplement for working dogs who may undergo continued cardiac stress. Sled dogs, agility dogs, herding and bird dogs would all benefit from this herb.
Pet Heart Support: While Hawthorn itself does not entirely help remove pet worms, it aids in rebuilding support pet heart strength after worms are gone
Made in the UK: We have recently moved from importing from USA to sourcing and packaging ingredients within UK to support local economy. No compromise on quality.