Dog Crate Cover for Wire Crates, Heavy Nylon Waterproof, Fits Most 106 Centimeters Dog Crates, Easy to Put On, Take Off, and Adjust – Cover only – Gray – XLarge

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Product Description

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Why You Need MOREZI Dog Crate Cover?

Benefits of MOREZI Dog Crate Cover

1.Dogs Love Crate Covers

Dogs have a natural denning instinct. They like resting in a small, safe and enclosed space that provides them protection and a sense of security.

2.Reduces Stress and Barking.

By making your dog feel safe and secure. Creates a private, cozy den for resting and relaxing.

3.A modern den for a dog.

A crate is a modern den for a dog. But a crate is not complete without a cover. Without a cover a crate is more like a cage exposing your dog to the distracting and stressful sights and sounds around the house.

Our Features:

side opening dog crate

side opening dog crate

xl dog kennel cover

xl dog kennel cover

36" dog cage covers

36" dog cage covers

kennel cover

kennel cover

All 4 sides open

All 4 sides and the top are covered but each edge has Hook & loop tabs so you can flap up any of the sides or have them all down.

Easy Clean

Heavy Nylon waterproof, resistant stains & oils. Machine wash / dryer safe.

Privacy Space

Helps dog sleep instantly when crate is covered. Your friend enjoys the privacy of him or her crate cover and has enjoyed “getting away from everything”

A beautiful furniture!

There are 4 colours of kennel cover in our shop.

It’s a classic look so it suits almost all types of room or home design. It’s not only functional, but stylish too! Made beautifully.

22 in 63cm dog crate cover22 in 63cm dog crate cover

Kennel Cover Size Chart

Small: Length: 25″ * Width: 17″ * Height: 19″ (63*43*48CM)

Medium: Length: 30″ * Width: 19″ * Height: 21″ (76*50*53CM)

Large: Length: 36″ * Width: 23″ * Height: 24″ (91*59*61CM)

X-Large: Length: 42″ * Width: 27″ * Height: 30″ (106*69*76CM)

XX-Large: Length: 48″ * Width: 30″ * Height: 32″ (122*76*81CM)

2: Waterproof fabric will keep your crate dry. Open Panel simply folds back to allow your crate door to open & close. Made for indoor and outdoor use.
3: Reduces stress and barking by block light making your dog feel safe and secure. Creates a private, cozy den for resting and relaxing.
4: Stylish design – Hook & loop tabs hold dog crate cover neatly in place converting the dog crate into a cozy “den” like atmosphere to reduce anxious behavior problems. Stylish design compliments your dog crate by blending it in with home décor.
5: Easy to clean – Fabric Protector repels stains & oils. Machine wash / dryer safe.