Dog Gps Tracker,gps + Beidou + Wifi + Agps Multiple Positioning. Indoor, Basement, Subway, Positioning Mode Automatically Switch, Even In The City Center, Protect Your Pet Around The Clock,

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Production Features:
Ultra-thin design, real-time positioning, historical track, electronic fence, low battery reminder, multi-mode positioning GPS + Beidou + base station + WIFI + AGPS multiple positioning, external antenna design. Multi-device management.Support Android 3.1 and above, IOS8.0 and above.
Product parameters:
Product Name: Pet GPS Positioning
Weight: 21 grams
Size: 44.2 * 28.5 * 10.4mm
Processor: MT2503A + 64M bit
Positioning method: GPS + Beidou + base station + WIFI + AGPS
GSM frequency: 850MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 1900MHz
Sensitivity: -165dBm
GPS accuracy: 5-20M
WIFI accuracy: 10-50M
Material: ABS
Battery: 300MAH
Working temperature: -20 ° C – + 70 ° C
1. When the power of the positioner is below the warning line, it will send an alarm message reminding you of charging, innovative fast charging technology and how to turn off the power at critical times.
2. Due to the reflection of light and camera, it will produce a certain color difference effect on the product. Please refer to the actual product for the product received.

● Remote intercom: support Remote intercom, convenient to summon pets, return to the side in real time. When the positioner power is lower than the warning line, it will send an alarm message to remind the charging, innovative fast charging technology
● Real-time recording: Listen to the surrounding sounds in one direction, you can listen to the sounds of your pet’s life and understand their real-time dynamics.
●Historical trajectory: Where are you at a glance? The drop of the pet within three months is clear at a glance, tracking in real time, it is more convenient to find a dog.
● Deep waterproof: Ip67 waterproof and dustproof design. It can also travel on rainy days, so you can take your pet away in the rain, raining or damping every day without affecting the use of the product.