Dog Guard, Pet Barrier Net and Screen Ergotech RDA65-XXS16 kop029uk, for luggage and pets. Safe, comfortable for your dog, guaranteed!

(as of Jan 24,2021 00:36:49 UTC – Details)

WARNING: a little tilted back!! This barrier is our top model. It is attached to the headrests with a patented mechanism so strong to successfully pass the crash test defined by the strict DIN Norm 75-410. No drilling is needed! The mechanism is made of two hexagonal brackets (one attached to the headrests vertical bars, one to the barrier) that are held together by a nylon clamp. Due to the hexagonal brackets it has a very high resistance at twist. The two hexagonal channels of the clamps are not turned in the same way: since they differ by a 30 degrees angle, it is possible to achieve the best position of the barrier in relation to the headrests and the trunk cover. The trunk cover can be kept in use almost always. Two couples of toothed gears allow a further possibility to achieve the best position of the barrier in relation to the car body. Once the brackets are attached to the headrests bars in the best position possible (this process takes few minutes), the barrier can be installed and removed in a very short time.

Elegant, strong and safe, it’s easy to be mounted to the headrests! No drilling needed.
Made up of a metal frame and a high tenacity nylon net to improve safety and comfort in case of hard braking!
It passed the German DIN Norm crash-test!. Chosen by the ITALIAN POLICE too!
Two years guarantee!