Dog Rope Toy Ball Double Tennis Toy Cotton Rope, Used For Dog Teeth Cleaning, Suitable For Puppies, Used For Puppies

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🐕These dog toy balls are specially made for cats, small dogs and large dogs. They are very useful in home and outdoor games.
Why choose cotton rope dog toy?

Natural cotton rope material is healthier and non-toxic. The cotton rope knot toy is made of natural cotton rope, which is safe and non-toxic. Puppies can chew easily without harming pets and destroying the environment.
More information
Material: healthy and environmentally friendly natural cotton rope
Package includes: 1 double tennis cotton rope toy
[Note]: Dog toys are woven with cotton rope, which is not suitable for large dogs and dogs with strong chewing ability.

🐕【Indoor and outdoor play】Small, medium and large dogs play and make fun of toy balls. This toy is suitable for any occasion. Perfect for bounce, shake, throw and retrieve.
🐕 【Perfect gift for small and medium-sized pets】: Vivid cotton rope toys are easy to arouse the interest of pets and are high-quality toys to improve the close relationship with pet friends.
🐕【Strong rope toys】Sturdy and durable, it will not be damaged in a short time. It can help your pets clean their teeth and strengthen their teeth.
🐕【Clean Teeth】 Knotted dog toys are tightly knitted with cotton rope. When the dog bites the toy, it can clean the stains on the teeth and prevent tartar.