Dog Rope Toy Squeak Toys Barley Ears 10Pcs Nature Cotton Chew Puppy Toys for Teething Grinding Interacting, Dog Chew Toy Set for Small Medium Dogs, 7pcs Chew Rope Toy and 3pcs Squeak Toys

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10PCS dog chew toy set
1. Puppy toys can consume pets’ extra energy, reduce damage to furniture and shoes, and give you a clean and tidy house.
2. What pets need most is the companionship of the owner. A day when you go out is equivalent to seven days when your dog is at home. Interactive toys can increase the interaction time between you and your dog, and make each other easy and happy every day.
3. Safe and non-toxic cotton material, three stitch sewing, knot encryption, will not be damaged as easily as other dog leash toys.
1. The molar toy can be machine washed without deformation. Please clean the toys frequently to avoid bacterial residues and harm the pet’s body.
2. Please check the rope dog toys frequently to prevent pets from swallowing some rope fragments.
3. Our dog chew toys are suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. Large dogs are more destructive and may bite toys.
4. Please compare with the detailed size of your pet before buying, hope you can buy suitable toys for your pet.

[Molar Tools]: The dog cotton chew toy is made of cotton thread, wear-resistant and bite resistant. Safely and effectively help pets meet the needs of teeth grinding, can reduce dental plaque and prevent gum disease.
[Set Design]: Each dog has its own personality, so they have different preferences for the type of toy. Pet dogs toys set has a variety of toys to choose from, suitable for different game skills, and there is always a toy that suits pet.
[Intimate Design]: The colorful rope toy is visually attractive, making pets to stay for a long time when you are out, so you can stay busy for a long time without worries. The toy is made of cotton rope, which is not so noisy when it falls on the ground.
[Effective Exercise]: When the dog is playing with this interactive chewing toy, the pet will also do some exercises appropriately to make the pet’s body healthier and more agile.