Dr Mercola Healthy Pets Spirugreen SuperFood for Pets (500mg, 180 Tablets)

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SpiruGreen packs a one-two punch with spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) and astaxanthin (Haematococcus pluvialis). This is a powerful package that provides all the nutrient value of spirulina, including carotenoids, phycocyanin and enzymes, plus all the goodness of astaxanthin, a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant carotenoid. This supplement package provides immune support, eye health support, and skin-care benefits for animals. Small dogs/cats: 1 tablet Medium dogs/cats: 2 tablets Large dogs: 3 tablets Giant breed dogs: 4 tablets Birds: 1/2-1 tablet ground to bite size pieces Fish: 1/2-1 tablet ground to powder

Lustrous coat
Eye health
Improved flexibility in joints
Supports optimal skin health