Fold Hill – Plain Terrier Dog Food Mixer, Oven Baked Adult Mixer for Dogs with Added Vitamins, Naturally Baked, 15kg

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Fold Hill Plain Terrier Meal Dog Food 15kg

MIX WITH MEAT – Our kibble is designed to be fed with meat – either canned, cooked or raw meat – to help provide a balanced and healthy diet. A complementary pet food for dogs.
OVEN BAKED TO PERFECTION – Oven baked perfectly for our four legged friends, this natural dog food provides a crisp and crunchy complementary texture.
MADE IN BRITAIN – High quality baked dry mixer meal made on our farm based in the heart of Lincolnshire.
ADDED VITAMINS – We use whole wheatmeal for fibre, natural oils for glossy coats and minerals and vitamins to aid all-round good health. Our mixer meal for dogs is formulated free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.
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