Forthglade Natural Grain Free Complementary Wet Dog Food, Pack of 12

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Forthglade specialises in making wet dog food. The company was established in Devon in 1971 and has been providing tasty meals and treats to pet owners across the UK and Europe. Forthglade has been recognised as pioneers within the production of natural wet dog food, all our recipes are designed for sensitive tummies and we have a selection of recipes suitable for dogs with common allergies. The team at Forthglade only use the high quality ingredients from our delicious recipes with no junk, fillers, preservatives or added sugars. All meals are nutritionally balanced meals, which are exceptionally high in meat content. A good diet is the key to any healthy pet, which is why all our recipes are enriched with tasty meat and the vitamins and minerals required for them to grow into a strong and healthy dog. This Variety pack contains the following meals for your dog: 4x chicken, 4x lamb and 4x beef – These complementary meals can be used as either a tasty dog treat or as part of a balanced diet with a suitable mixer. This multipack is highly digestible and the ideal treat for your dog. It contains 90 percent meat content and minerals that we recommend is served with a high quality mixer, which forms part of a nutritional and balanced meal. Each dinner is steamed gently to help keep all the natural goodness inside. Each pack should be refrigerated and used within 48 hours of opening. Guaranteed shelf life of 9 months from date of manufacturing.

Very high meat content of 90 percent which provides a high source of protein for your dogs aged 2 months and above
Forthglade complementary dog food is grain free which is suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies
No sugars, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives; easy to digest and packed with nutrients and natural goodness
Forthglade natural high meat wet dog food is made in Devon, UK