Girafus Cat Dog Pet Tracker pro-TRACK-tor Collar Transmitter Locating Searching Mini RF-Tracker Finder Ideal for small cats pets dogs/Locating in Buildings (garage/cellars) + charger included

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Product Description
Tracking multiple pets has never been easier Would you like to know where your cat or dog has wandered off to especially when they are not home? With the Pet Tracker 227PA you can track up to 4 pets with a tracking radius of up to 500 meters with a tiny tag weight of only 4.2 grams. A single base unit is capable of tracking up to 4 tags.
Key Features
Helps you track down up to 4 pets should they go missing
Directional tracking to guide you in the right direction
Uses safe 2.4GHz RF technology, will not interfere other wireless devices
Water splash resistant case for outdoor activities
Smart sleep mode for longer battery life of up to one month
Easy installation, insert battery, turn on, and you are good to go
Function: Tracking and Searching
Communication Standard: Digital 2.4 GHz RF (Frequency range: 2.40 – 2.48MHz)
Search Range: 0~500 meter (0~1600 feet)
Battery Type: 3A for base unit, LIR2032 or CR2032 for tag unit
Battery Life Time with searching (10 mins a day): Base unit 120 days; Tag unit: LIR2032: 30 days, CR2032: 15 days
Beep Sound (at 10cm/3.9inch): 92db ± 3 db for base unit, 85db ± 3 db for tag unit
Weight: 35g for base unit, 4.2g for tag unit
Dimension (L/W/H): 95x65x14 mm for base unit, 38x25x11 mm for tag unit
Working Environment: with LIR2032 – Temperature: -15?~40??humidity:20%~80%, with CR2032 – Temperature: 5?~40??humidity:20%~80%
Package content
Base Unit: 1 Set
Tag Unit:-depends on your choice Set
Batteries: AAAx2 sets, CR2032x1 Set
Velcro strap: 1 Set
Strap: 1 Set
Hook: 1 Set
Silicon Sleeve: 1 Set
User Manual: 1 Set
+ Including rechargeable batteries and charger

THE RANGE! UP TO 500 METRES /1600 FEET (clear line of sight!). Most of similar products have a range (clear line of site) of less than 150m/500feet. Direction indicator shows you the right direction in the search area. LEDs and signal tones (can be switched off) gives you the approximate distance to the transmitter.
IS YOUR PET A BELOVED FAMILY MEMBER? Ever worried about losing your pet? This ultimate Girafus pro-TRACK-tor Pet Tracker 227PA is the best solution for such situations! Insert batteries and turn the Baseunit on and the search can be started. The device is already preconfigured.
UP TO 4 PETS: You can use the pro-TRACK-tor with up to 4 Tags. What you get: Base Unit: 1 Set Tag Unit: depending on your choice (1,2,3 or 4 Tags) Batteries: AAA, LIR2032+CHARGER, Velcro strap, Strap, Hook, Silicon Sleeve-Splashproof Case, User Manual and the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM GIRAFUS
PRODUCT IMPROVEMENTS for this 2nd generation Girafus Pro-trac-tor: # IMPROVED BATTERY LIFETIME- no more weak CR2032! All Tracker come with RECHARGEABLE LIR2032 BATTERIES much STRONGER and DURABLE!- CHARGER INCLUDED!! # FIXATION – Battery cap is fixed with a screw now- no accidental sliding apart anymore! – WE SOLVED the problems from the negative REVIEWS!