Grey Dog Canvas Storage Basket Rectangle Fabric Basket with White Dogs – Perfect for Household Storage, Fabrics or Toys. Size: 40cms x 30cms x 25cms

Price: £21.95
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This For the Love of Leisure premium canvas basket is perfect for storing away household goods, laundry or toys.
The basket/hamper comes in a stylish grey colour with white dog pattern and is 40cms x 30cms x 25cms.
The basket is made of a high quality canvas material. It weighs less than half a kilogram but is very sturdy.
For the Love of Leisure provides a factory warranty on this product and this is only available from For the Love of Leisure Limited, the authorised seller for the product.

Made of high quality canvas material – great size baskets for a toy storage box. Also excellent for toiletries, clothes, blankets, towels, pet, play storage or moving your ironing.
40cms x 30cms x 25cms height – great as a laundry basket – never folded in order to maintain quality.
Put away and store household items in style – light and sturdy for use in your baby / nursery room.
Perfect for any stylish home – this product will make organisation in any room from the kitchen to the playroom, bedroom to the living room or perhaps the bathroom for your laundry.