GVKAR Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless 7KPa 120W 2600mAh Powerful Suction USB Rechargeable Car Hoover Mini Lightweight Portable Car Vacuum Wet Dry Hand Vacuums for Home, Pet…

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Product Description

GVKAR Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Portable Car Hoover

handheld vacuumhandheld vacuum

Attentions and Cautions:

1. Please turn off the cordless handheld vacuum when charging to protect the battery life.

2. Please fully charge the car vacuum before use to ensure sufficient suction power.

3. The HEPA filter can be washed and reusable, please dry it after washing to avoid affecting the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

4. Please hold the dust collection cup steady when dumping garbage.

5. After using, please clean the filter in time to avoid affecting the dust removal efficiency.

6. To prevent liquid from penetrating the motor, do not place the vacuum cleaner upside down or on its side after cleaning.

handheld hooverhandheld hoover


Package Includes:

1* Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner1* Extended Soft Tube1* Crevice Nozzle1* Dust Brush1* Washable Filter1* Adapter Nozzle1* USB Power Cable1* Manual

GVKAR 7kPa Super Suction Power Vacuum Cleaner

The high power 14.8V DC motor and advanced cyclone technology enable high suction performance at 7000 Pa.

Cordless and portable, simple and effective for cleaning anywhere around your home, basement, bookcase, or car.It quickly removes embedded pet hair, dust, spilled food and scattered cat litter from any surface!

car vacuum

car vacuum

handheld vacuum cleaner

handheld vacuum cleaner

hand hoover

hand hoover

Fast charging and 30 minutes of run time

Fully charged in just 3-4 hours due to our smart technology that prevents accidents such as overheating, over voltage and short circuits. Allowing full portability, 20-30 minutes of working time.

Powerful suction small handheld hoover

120W (7KPA) of consistent output and advanced cyclone technology, powerful suction and deep cleaning, it can help you clean your entire home or car. It quickly remove embedded pet hair, dust, spilled food, and scattered cat litter from any surface.

Optical and wireless handheld devices

The handle is ergonomically designed and the whole unit weighs less than a bottle of soda drink, which helps the user to hold the cordless vacuum cleaner more easily and more tightly, and the cordless hand grip gives you unrestricted and unimaginable comfort when cleaning and carrying the car vacuum.

car hoovers cordless powerfulcar hoovers cordless powerful

Fast Charging and Long Runtime

This vacuum cleaner is USB charger with built-in battery, it takes only 3-4 hours to fully charge and up to 20-30 minutes of continuous use, just press the switch to turn it on and start cleaning. You can take the handheld vacuum cleaner anywhere you want to clean, including houses, cars, etc.

hand vacuum cleanerhand vacuum cleaner

Cordless and Lightweight

The handle is ergonomically designed to help users hold the car hoover more easily and tightly, and the handle is cordless for your cleaning and portability. You don’t have to worry about cleaning those hard-to-reach places.

handheld hoover cordlesshandheld hoover cordless

Washable, Reusable and Durable Filter

Pressing the container open button, remove the washable filter and rinse with water (please dry the filter before use). It is easy to clean hygienically remove the entire dirt container before pressing the next button and dumping the garbage.

hand held hooverhand held hoover

Quiet and Efficient to Work

The cordless handheld hoovers features an efficient design that reduces noise to 50 decibels and maintains powerful suction during operation, making it quieter than most handheld vacuums and preventing disturbance to babies or pets.





❇ [Quick Charge]: with a powerful 120w motor, powered by a 2*2600mAh lithium battery, it can be quickly charged within 3-4 hours, ensuring safe and fast charging, and the use time is up to 20-30 minutes.
❇ [Durable filter, easy to clean] The HEPA 2.0 filter element of GVKAR car vacuum cleaner is washable and reusable. No-touch bin empty. After the dust collector is full, you can easily press the release button. Remove the HEPA filter and clean it, then rinse it with a brush or water. Note: Do not immerse the machine in water.
❇ [5 attachments]: No longer worry about dead ends! Five tools can clean hard-to-reach areas. It provides the flexibility to use it anywhere and does the job brilliantly.
❇ [Ergonomic design]: The cordless vacuum cleaner has an ergonomic tilt handle, small and light, designed for one-handed operation, and can easily clean stairs, cars, sofas, carpets, storage cabinets, pet hair, etc. The sound is less than 50 decibels, reducing noise and cleaning comfortably.