Hedgehog Houses for Garden Waterproof, Wooden Waves Shelter Box Hedgehog Feeding Station Hibernation Shelter Summer Winter Dormitory Small Animal House Hedgehog Box Outdoor Protection

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We’ll make it easy for you: this outdoor habitat is a much safer nesting option than the compost heap or log pile you leave outside your home. so even if you don’t have a resident hedgehog just yet, the chances of you having your first inhabitant are good.
Providing a shelter for Hedgehogs gives them places to hibernate during the winter, somewhere they can be safe and warm, out of harms way. This is especially important nowadays as recently, hedgehogs have been nestling down in bonfire stacks before they are lit; with tragic results.
Aside from providing shelter, this affordable hedgehog house can also be used as a feeding station. The internal divide is a thin board that’s tacked in place for easy removal. Plus, it prevents cats from stealing the food your new friend needs to beef up for winter.
Made from wood, the hedgehog house has a large opening at the front so the hedgehog can get in easily, but small enough to keep foxes and predators out.
Product name: wooden small pet hamster nest
Product material: New Zealand pine
Suitable for pets: small pets such as hedgehogs and hamsters
Small size: 26*15*18 (cm)

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★CONVENIENT & SPACIOUS – Hedgehogs need space to feed, Hedgehogs shelter is weatherproof and very roomy with good layout and will be very comfy for hedgehogs, Wooden parts are treated with natural oil to protect from moisture and wear – will last years
★EASY TO CLEAN – It’s best to clean your hedgehog wooden house before and after hibernation, that is, in April and October. clearing out any debris and pouring boiling water inside before leaving it to dry. Just make sure no hedgehogs are inside!
★Hedgehog house is equipped with doorways – hedgehog’s entrance, Entrance is big enough for hedgehogs to go through and small enough to keep predators out, it so no pets or predators can get to it.
★COSY UP – To help keep the hedgehogs warm, Fill it with straw, foliage or hay. inside this hedgehog house in order to provide them with a warm environment for them to cosy up in and escape the winter weather during hibernation. Important is not to disturb the hedgehog during the winter period