HoneyGuaridan W25 Smart Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dispenser with infrared induction, designed for Dogs and Cats – Pack of 2 Carbon Filters

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Product Description

At HoneyGuaridan brand, we are passionate about creating innovative behavioral, containment and lifestyle product solutions to give you more great moments with your pets.We deeply know and experience how comfort the life with pets is, so HoneyGuaridan is not only a brand of pet products, but also the bridge of faith and wish connecting people with pets in harmony.

Did you know that there are many pets are facing the problem
of water scarcity and water insecurity when live with people?
According to researches, on the average, a healthy dog drinks
about 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. 
Based on different weather, for example, summer means more
locomotion and an increase in water intake. Meanwhile a cat will
require 2-4 ounces of fresh water in addition to its food. Generally,
dry food contains only 10 percent water and canned food contains 
approximately 80 percent water. 

Thus, obviously ordinary cat needs a lot more water than you
imagine which if you are providing dry food only.

So, in order to prevent diseases and dehydration caused by water intake,
we consider that managing your pets’ water intake can improve their 
health, prevent illness and insure proper hydration. While some pets
naturally do this on their own, some either under-drink or over-drink.
Too little water can lead to dehydration in pets, kidney stones, organ
failure and even death. Drinking too much water can lead to stomach bloat,
electrolyte imbalances, and Hyponatremia (water toxicity). What is worse was
that generally people care less about water intake than food intake.
For all these reasons above, we HoneyGuaridan specially designed
W25 pet water fountain for our common furry friends.

What we make Smart System
HoneyGuaridan W25 pet water fountain originally create 4 working modes to meet different demands of people and pets, and for your convenience we set 4 LED lights corresponding to these 4 working modes.

Green light—–shows “continue-working mode” status, which constantly circulating the water Blue light—–shows “Smart working mode” status, which startup the intelligent sensor to detect the incoming pets within 1.5 m and automatically circulate the water for 2 minutes. White light—–shows “intermittent working mode” status, which circulate water for 1 hour and shut down for 30 minutes. Red light—–shows ‘water deficiency’ state, restart to work when the water filled up over the Min line.

Filtration System
We exactly know that filtration components is a core part of a pet fountain, so we carefully designed and demonstrated the structure and material of pet fountain that compact and hierarchical structure would be a better way to catch hair and other large particles. As a pre-filtration, compact multi-hierarchy construct can be easily cleaned and changed, especially, when you add or replace water in pool.

Imported Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Filter
We choose first-rate activated carbon material made by coconut shell which contains high carbon content, to set as filter and after thousands of hour’s observation we do believe it will tremendously reduce the organic pollutants and metal contaminants to prevent damage to your pets from house furniture and chemical supplies which people use daily.

Compact and Patent Design: The Max height is 6.3 inches, the Min height is 5.5 inches. 2.5L re-circulating system takes up little floor space. The re-circulating system is designed by a wide and smooth slope to keep sure facing more fresh air.If water is not enough, it stops working and remind you to refill water by shining LED light.
Easy to dissemble and clean: the pet water fountain is easy to dissemble if you follow the instructions, super easy to clean the fountain by water and cleanser.The replaceable carbon water filter removes bad tastes and odors, keeping water fresh and helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases in pets through increased hydration.
Environmental protection, Energy-efficient, Safety and Health: This pet water fountain was designed in ultra-low power consumption in maximum 2.6 kWh monthly; Made of food grade materials, BPA Free.
One month no worries to return and full refund. For any questions or product problems, welcome to contact our professional & 24 hours online services team.