Hoover H-FREE 300 Pets HF322PT 3-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Price: £179.99 - £149.00
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H-FREE 300 features the Direct Impulse motor for effective performance, along with Dual LED DustLocator lights to find hidden dust and dirt on all floors and surfaces. Lightweight and agile, H-FREE 300 Pets comes with a motorised mini turbo brush, with rotating bristles to lift fur and fluff.

The H-Lab Flat&Drive nozzle steers smoothly around and under furniture. Switch between 90º and 180º cleaning angles with a flick of the wrist, so you can clean around objects, into corners, reaching narrow spaces with ease.
The Hoover Dual LED DustLocator system finds hidden dust not only on floors but also on bookshelves and behind cushions, as it combines frontal LED floorhead lights and with the AUTO LED light on the handheld.
This model includes the standard tools, plus a Pets brush, which features motorised rotating bristles to lift cat or dog hairs and allergens from soft furnishings and carpeted stairs.
No need to tire your hands by constantly squeezing a trigger : just push the button once to keep the power on. There is also a Power Control button which allows you to increase or decrease suction as needed.