Hop Inn Rabbit Hide House (Sage) LARGE Indoor or Outdoor, Cat Hide, for Big Rabbits and Cats too, READY MADE and Built to Last, 60 cm Long x 30.5 cm Wide x 25.5 cm – Entrances 20cm – Screwed Together – Hand Made in the UK

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Product Description

Hop InnHop Inn


For over 9 years I have run a Rabbit and Guinea Pig holiday home. My own rabbits and guinea pigs, along with our many Hop Inn guests, have played an integral part in the design and testing of all our hideouts.

Rabbit or Cat Hideaway/Shelter

These beautiful Hand Crafted Hideaways are made at Hop Inn in the UK.These are ideal for Small, Medium and Large Rabbits and Cats.Each Hideaway arrives READY MADE and is built using FSC approved Plywood.All edges, corners and both entrances have been rounded over – no sharp edges or splinters. Each Hideaway is coated in a weather proofing Pet Friendly stain. As such, they are great for either indoor or outdoor use.Each Hideout is screwed together with STRONG plastic connectors and built to last, no nails or glue.Next working day delivery.We use them every day at our Hop Inn Rabbit and Guinea Pig Retreat, we are thrilled to bits with them – we hope you are too.Pets can also climb on top of the box and use it as a watchtower.The cardboard box it arrives in makes a great toy as well – even if it doesn’t last.


Constructed from FSC approved 9mm Redwood Plywood.Held together by industry standard plastic blocks screwed into the plywood, no nails, glue or protruding screw heads.Two entrances/exits, each 20cm (8″) in diameter. One at the front the other on the right hand side as you look at the hideout.61cm long x 30.5cm wide x 25.5cm high (approx 24″ long x 12″ wide x 10″ high).

Hop Inn the Hideout and Tunnel for Rabbits and CatsHop Inn the Hideout and Tunnel for Rabbits and Cats

‘Hop Inn’ Rabbit or Cat Hideout. Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor use.

This Hideout is our own design based on our understanding of your pet’s needs, it’s large, hand-built and will last.

A safe and secure place to hideout, sleep or just relax….

sage rabbit hideawaysage rabbit hideaway

‘Hop Inn’ Rabbit or Cat Hideout/Shelter (Sage), Hand Made in the UK.

Beautiful Hand Crafted Hideaways that can be used inside or outside your home.

A lovely piece of quality pet furniture for your furry friends to enjoy..

Hop Inn Hideouts Tunnels Made in the UKHop Inn Hideouts Tunnels Made in the UK

Hop Inn Pet Play Hideout Large, Made in the UK.

Designed with your pet’s needs in mind and you have a choice of colours to choose from.

Hop Inn RabbitsHop Inn Rabbits

Hop Inn Hideouts for Rabbits, Kittens and Cats Built to Last and Comes Ready Made, next working day Delivery.

Discover our range of hideouts…..we also make them for Guinea Pigs and a larger wooden Cube with three entrances/exits.

Rabbits and Cats Hop InnRabbits and Cats Hop Inn

Hop Inn Hideouts for your Rabbit, Kitten or Cat. Built to Last and READY MADE in the UK

With two entrances/exits I feel safe and am able to get away, if I want to!

24 inches Long x 12 inches Wide x 10 inches High – 8 inch diameter Holes
Water Resistant for Indoors or Outdoors
Hand Made at Hop Inn in the UK – Approved by Holiday Makers at Hop Inn