Hywean Dog Training Anti Chew Spray Stop Spray for Cat and Dog, Stop Barking and Unwanted Behaviours

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Are you angry for destroying furniture for pets?
Are you helpless because cats and dogs are crawling around in your car?
Are you worried that your pet will get sick from chewing unhealthy food?
Then please take a look at our anti chew spray!
Our dog training spray are specially designed for pets and can solve your problems.
So you can safely spray our stop spray for cat and dog on furniture and cars to prevent them from gnawing.
And our dog training spray are extracted from pure plants, so you don’t have to worry about it harming the health of your cats and dogs.

Quantity: 1 bottle
Colour: White
Size: 200ml
Material: Liquid
Packing Method: Customized white box, customized label

Spraying this dog training spray on the places where cats and dogs do not want to contact, can prevent cats and dogs from scratching and chewing items, shoes, furniture, etc.

Do not use this stop spray for cat and dog for other purposes.
Do not spray our anti chew spray in large quantities indoors.
If anti chew spray gets into eyes accidentally, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention.
Due to the different breeds and methods of use, it may not be suitable for all dogs.

Natural Raw Materials: Our stop spray for cat and dog are extracted from pure plants, contain the odor that cats and dogs hate, and use high-quality ingredients, which will not cause harm to animals during use.
Easy To Use: You only need to spray our dog training spray where you don’t want cats and dogs to reach, leaving the unpleasant odor or taste of cats and dogs, and keep them away from the spray point.
Keep House Fresh: Our corrector stop spray for cat and dog do not leave a strong chemical smell in the air, and citrus extracts give your house a fresh citrus scent.
Indoor & Outdoor: You can safely spray our dog training spray indoors or outdoors, spray on plants, tables, shoes, furniture, wires, carpets and many things you don’t want cats and dogs to chew.