Iris Ohyama, Hooded cat litter tray with minimalist design, seat & internal intermediate level, deodorant filter slot, scoop included, entrance height: 15 cm, for cat – Cat Litter Box CCLB-500 – White

Mar 20,2021 04:43:30 UTC **CLICK BUY NOW FOR UPDATED PRICE**

Finally a toilet house that fits very elegantly into your interior decoration. This closed litter box has an upper seat allowing your cat to bask in it and thus have an intimate space of its own. Sold with a matching shovel, the removable roof also facilitates daily cleaning. In addition, a grid inside the bin arranged as an intermediate landing will retain all the grains of litter when your cat leaves, thus allowing you to keep a clean interior. Finally, an internal universal filter and the hinged door prevent odors also from spreading into the room.

2 in 1: Upper seat to allow your cat to bask
Intermediate landing in the form of a grid in front of the door to retain the litter boxes when your cat leaves
Removable roof and interior grid for easy daily cleaning.
Hinged door and universal filter location to prevent odors from spreading throughout your interior