Keratex Unisex’s EPC0260 Zeolite, Grey, 900 g

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Keratex Zeolite is a revolution in the way we supplement our horse’s feed. This feed supplement powder acts as a 100% tural detox, interlly cleansing the horse’s digestive system whilst trapping the maximum amount of nutrients available in normal feeds and supplements for the benefit of the horse. For hundreds of years, this turally occurring volcanic clay mineral ash called Zeolite has been described as ture’s best detox. Often regarded as an interl cleansing supplement, Zeolite has been used by different civilisations through the centuries to mop-up impurities in the body and improve well-being whilst trapping unwanted toxins in its molecular filter system and expelling them harmlessly.Zeolite is now available for your horse, exclusively from the experts at Keratex, in a powdered form with a handy scoop. Mix straight into your horse’s daily feed to increase the absorption of nutrients from everyday feeds and supplements and rid the horse’s body of unwanted toxins. Keratex Zeolite is so unique that it works in many ways for equine well-being, vitality and digestion. Benefits of Keratex Zeolite: A tural detox that interlly cleanses your horse and expels toxins harmlessly Increases the absorption of nutrients from everyday feeds and supplements Improves the conversion of feeds and supplements within the horse’s body Deals with any excess sugars and toxins found in spring grass In larger quantities can help horses with a poor nutrition history to put on weight Mops-up heavy metals and foreign toxins Has been noted to improve coat quality and depth of colour Assists with the general well-being of the horse

Can be added to hard feed or sprinkled on hay
Filters out nutrients for maximum slow-release absorption, traps impurities and expels them in the usual way
Soothes digestive tract
Clears the digestive tract of sugars found in lush grass