Key Finder locator Wireless – Key Tracker and tracer Support Remote Control Anti-Lost Keychain Locator with 6 Receiver Support Remote Key Locator, Pet Tracker, Wallet Tracker

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Product Description


Do you have such experiences, sometimes things could not be found!

The volumeThe volume

30 Meter long range

Equipped with wireless RF technology, the tracking range is amaximum of 30M. You can track your items from 30m away. If the lost objects are in the living room or other room in your house, you just need to press the transmitter and find your lost objects.

The remote of key Finder

The remote of key Finder

Two ways of key finder

Two ways of key finder

The accessory of Key Finder

The accessory of Key Finder

The size of the receiver

The size of the receiver


If the tracker is under the pillow, it won’t beep loud enough, but it sounds very strange, you just have to check it out.

Tips: When covered with a pillow, the front (letter) faces up and the sound is louder than the back.

2 Ways to find

when you press the transmitter, the tracker will light and beep

1 Transmitter and 6 Receivers

There are 6 small and narrow Receivers and 1 Transmitter. You can easily attach them to all items such as keys, bags, wallet, dogs, cats, remote controls, glasses case, etc.

Small and Handy

The Recipient is only a little bigger than one euro coin.

Key finderKey finder

Finding things very easily

This lost tracker can be used to quickly find the lost keys, remote, wallet, glasses, pets and other easily lost items, you need to press the correct color button and you can find the lost items after the beep.

Note:The battery must replace regularly and there might be some defective products in a batch of products. But it’s unusual and doesn’t reflect our high-quality standards. If you receive the product in question, please tell us directly for the first time. So you won’t waste your money.

The parameter of receiver and transmitter

The parameter of receiver and transmitter

The internal battery of key finder

The internal battery of key finder

The occasion when using the key finder

The occasion when using the key finder

All attachment of key finder

All attachment of key finder

Product size

Receiver: 47mm × 32mm × 6.5mm

Transmitter: 105mm × 36mm × 11.5mm

Stand: 56mm × 37.2mm × 44.6mm

Open the cover of the receiver Steps:

1. Insert the key

2. Press the key sheet with a little force and turn it.

3. Open the cover

4. Replace the battery

Best gift

For aging parents!

For a forgetful wife and husband!

For naughty kids to play games!

It is so useful in everyday life that almost everyone can use it.Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery

1 x matching finder transmitter 1 x base

6 x matching finder receiver 6 x mini 3m band

7 x Japanese batteries 6 x key rings

1 x user manual

About 5 months, please replace the battery regularly. (CR2032 Lithium-Zellen-Battery)

Key trackerKey tracker

Gives you more suggestions

Regarding the level of the sound:

As you know, everyone has different sound level requirements. We see from a large amount of data that the current sound meets the requirements of most people. Note: The level of the sound cannot be changed.

Note: The battery must be replaced regularly. It is generally recommended that the product battery be replaced within 5-6 months. (CR2032 lithium cell battery)

Since it is always in standby mode so it is waiting for you to find it,because of it has taken up battery life.

Battery life has nothing to do with how often you search for a product.

【1 KEY FINDER + 6 RECEIVERS】: There is a Key finder and 6 receivers, and attach the receivers to any 6 items.You can easily find any items you lost often such as keys, bags, wallet, dogs, cats, remote controls, spectacle case etc. This is our versatile finder for Forgetful people, and a ideal cost-effective tracker for individuals and families. No more playing hide and seek with your valuables again !!!
【2 Ways to Locate Lost Items】Our key finder has two ways to locate your lost items. The first one is to make a 85dB loud (but not annoyed) sound. It’s Ideal for the elder people. The second one is LED light which is for finding things in the dark, you can see clearly where your lost items are but not wake up your family.
【115ft Wider Range】Item finder up to 80dB beeping sound and max 100ft wireless range in open area! Radio frequency can penetrate through walls, floors, cushions, leather, etc. So you can find your items easily at most of corners in your house. And you don’t have to search around anymore, everything is under your remote control.
【EASY TO FIND】: No complicated App problems, Simply press the customized buttons on the transmitter, the beeps from the receiver lead you to the lost items. In addition, the receiver has a red LED light, which helps to find items in the dark.
【Wonderful Gift】A great gift to forgetful person, elders friends, etc. With 7 CR2032 lithium cells, the key finder can work for nine months. Standby time lasts for the whole year. Colorful design with clear letter marks makes it easier to find your mislaid items for those who were forever looking for their keys and phones.