Loc8tor Tabcat Cat Tracker – Wireless Kitten Pet Collar Tracking Device, More accurate than GPS

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Product Description

About Tabcat

Tabcat is the revolutionary cat tracking device that lets you keep on top of the whereabouts of your pet. Attaching easily to your cat’s collar, the device is lightweight but robust enough to stay on whatever they get up to.

With an astonishing degree of accuracy in guiding you to your cat’s exact location, the Tabcat tracker is more effective and much lighter than GPS or other systems to help ensure you can find them.

Unbelievably simple and intuitive to use.

Perfect for cats or kittens. Each directional handset can find up to four cats. Just attach the lightweight tag to their collar.

Range of up to 122 metres. Guides you in to within 2.5cm

Tabcat cat tracker can track your cat up to 122 metres (400 feet) in clear line of sight and guide you right into their location, within 2.5cm. Rest assured that while your cat’s in range, you should always be able to find them. Cats tend not to wander very far, so in 99% of cases a quick walkabout will quickly and easily find them.

Train your cat to come home on its own accord

About 70% of customers that we’ve spoken to said their cat came back on its own when they pressed the locate button. This activates a small beep on the tag. Increase the chances of them coming back with some initial training so they associate the beep with a treat.

Find your cat wherever they might be hiding

Our patented Radio Frequency based technology is accurate enough to find where they might be hiding in the house as well as in neighbouring gardens and streets.

THE ULTIMATE CAT ACCESSORY – The most accurate directional cat locator of its kind. Effective and reliable, the handset guides you which way to walk using audio and visual cues to help find your cat in even the hardest to find places. Accurate to within 2.5cm /1 inch.
HIGHLY ACCURATE – The directional handset picks up the signal from the cats homing tag. As you get closer lights go from red to amber and then green with the audio beeps clearly indicating.
BETTER THAN GPS – Our patented Radio Frequency based technology is accurate enough to find where your cat may be hiding in the house, neighboring gardens or streets. Even if your cat is trapped in a shed, garage or stuck up a tree. With no hidden costs or monthly payments, a single Tabcat purchase is all that’s required to help protect your cat for years to come.
SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT – The homing tag (6 grams) attaches easily to your pets collar. Much lighter, affordable and accurate than GPS. You can even train your cat to come home on demand. Protective Silicon Splash-proof cases supplied keeps tags dry and helps protect against any knocks or bumps.
LONG RANGE – Cats are known to be territorial and tend to stay close to home. Tabcat ranges up to 122 meters / 400 feet based on a clear line of sight (Range will vary depending on environment and location). As you move areas Tabcat will automatically light up when in range directing you which way to walk.
SUPPORT – 2 Years manufacturers warranty and ongoing customer support. The Tabcat team are here to support you, just contact us.