LOVEPET GPS Tracker Locator 4G Chip Mini Pet Finder Anti-lost Tracking For Dog Cat Collar Silver

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Mini 4G Smart Pet GPS Tracker Features:
1.Positioning ways:

WIFI+GPS+LBS+AGPS, four positioning ways work at the same time.

2.WIFI Fense:

Set any WIFI area as the safty area. Once the animal or user moves out of this area, master will receive alert at once;

3.Smart rolling LED light on/off according to surroundings.

4.Real-time Tracker:

Show the laster location of the device:Click update location information to see relevant information.

5.Historical Route:

Display historical route in certain period of the device: You can check any day in previous 90 days’ historical route. You can choose whether to filter out LBS location data.

6.Low battery & SIM card change reminders:

By setting different “interval time” device’s standby time can be 7-10 days.


Add, check or cancel Geo-fence area:when the device moves into or out of the geo-fence, the location platform will send an alert to APP.

8.Tracking via Website / APP / Webchat / SMS.

Live tracking – Enable you in real time to see where your pet is currently located at any time, no matter where they are. The Position is updated every few seconds and displayed on the map in the app
Historical route- The history will not only show where pet is, but also shows where your dog or cat was before.
Electronic fence alarm trigger – By using the Virtual Fence you will be immediately notified on your Smartphone when your pet get in or get out a predetermined area.
Waterproof IP67:With exquisite design and waterprrof ribbon inside, user doesn’t need to take off the device when pet takes a bath or pets playing in rainy day.