Lukullus Pouches Mediterranean Mixed Saver Pack 24 x 300g Wet Dog Food Pouches Tasty Varieties & Suitable for Fully-grown Dogs Perfect for Gourmet Dogs Protein

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The Lukullus Mediterranean Mixed Saver Pack 24 x 300g contains 8 pouches each of the following delicious varieties: 8 x 300g Lukullus Spain: Chicken with Paella Rice and Vegetables: This lively Spanish recipe contains lots of tender chicken and paella rice and provides your pet with valuable protein and fibre. Peppers and peas provide important vitamins and it is rounded off with a splash of best olive oil and enriched with biotin to keep your pet’s skin healthy and fur shiny. ¡Hola España! 8 x 300g Lukullus France: Beef with Potatoes and Ratatouille Vegetables: An exquisite French recipe, made with succulent beef, provides plenty of protein. Potatoes provide fibre and carbohydrates and peppers, aubergines and courgettes, delicious ratatouille vegetable, provide valuable vitamins. A splash of top quality olive oil and biotin add a certain je n’ai sais quoi and helps to keep your dog’s fur nice and shiny and its skin healthy. Vive la France! 8 x 300g Lukullus Italy: Lamb with Tortellini and Tomatoes: This delicious recipe gives a real taste of Italy. The juicy lamb provides the necessary protein; tasty tortellini provide important carbohydrates. The sun-ripened tomatoes are packed full of vitamins. Delicious, top-quality olive oil and biotin are added to round off the taste and to maintain healthy skin and shiny fur. Bella Italia! Tasty Lukullus dog food is a unique combination of delicious natural ingredients: With more than 65% meat content Lukullus pouches are a species appropriate dog food. The meat and offal used is subjected to stringent quality control checks and is easy to digest. Valuable carbohydrates and fibre support your dog’s metabolism The fresh fruit and vegetables provide natural vitamins The delicious oils used to round off the taste ensure your dog has healthy skin and shiny fur. These oils are rich in omega-3- and omega-6 fatty acids Naturally processed, with no chemical additives or preservatives

Very tasty: Cold-filling helps to retain the delicious taste of the natural ingredients Top-quality protein from healthy, carefully selected meat
Fruit and vegetables provide a fresh taste and are also a great source of natural vitamins
Rounded off with different oils which support shiny fur and healthy skin. The oils are rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
Completely natural because these tasty recipes are made without any artificial additives or preservatives Handy, practical pouches