Luxe & Fur Pet Grooming Glove [Upgraded Version] – Gentle Deshedding Pet Hair Remover. Cat Brush and Dog Brush for Shedding. Right Handed Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming Glove.

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There are many great uses for this cat hair brush and dog deshedding brush. 1. Used as dog brushes for grooming and cat brushes for grooming 2. Works in comparison to the furminator for cats 3. Shed defender against hair buildup and hairballs This pet hair remover brush can access hard to reach places on your pet which makes it a great dog bath brush and deshedding tool for dogs. If you are looking for a cat glove brush or dog combs for grooming then this is the pet fur remover you need. This can be used for a cat bath or cat wipes. Works well on all hair types; used as a short hair dog brush, long hair dog brush and even as a rabbit brush. These pet gloves are great cat grooming tools, or a dog washing glove, an all in one pet hair remover glove. This dog brush glove saves your furniture from hair and is gentle enough to be used as a puppy brush.

Pet Gentle Touch: This cat comb and dog hair brush grooms without scratching your pets’ skin while giving them a massage. Dog hair remover and cat hair remover groom and clean, while taking off excess hair, danger and dirt, creating a healthy, velvety coat for your pet. Prevents hairballs and hair buildup around yours, your dog and your cat furniture.
Flexible Finger Design: Cat hair brush and dog hair brush for shedding and grooming allows you a 360-degree access for hard to reach places such as the tail or limbs. The pet grooming gloves are flexible enough to groom your pets face without discomfort.
Environmentally Friendly and Waterproof: Silicone material and breathable mesh pet glove allows pet owners to use the pet grooming brush while bathing your pet. The dog grooming brush and cat grooming brush is easy to clean and has fast drying time.
Adjustable Pet Glove: One sizes fits all with the adjustable Velcro wrist strap. It comfortably secures the dog grooming brushes to your hand and wrist.