Nenoo Pain Relief Gel for Dogs Remedy for Inflammatory Conditions and joint ache. Devil’s Claw and Arnica Montana. 250 millilitres

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Aqua, Arnica Montana, Olea Europaea, Harpagophytum Procumbens, Robinia Pseudoacacia (flower)

REMEDY FROM NATURE. The main ingredients are Arnica Montana and Devil’s Claw which are trusted by athletes and traditionally used to reduce inflammation and pain in conditions like myalgia, tendonitis, arthritis, overexertion, bruises and sprains.
DOG WILL BE LESS GRUMPY. Use regularly on active dogs to help muscles recover faster and senior dogs to fight pain and inflammation deep in the joint.
ETHICALLY MADE WITH SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH OF SAFE CONSISTENCY OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS. For topical use only. Non-harmful for animals, plants and environment. All elements of sourcing and production are made with scientific analysis and research strictly cruelty-free always taking environmental impact into account.
HOW TO USE: Massage the gel in the affected area until completely absorbed. Don’t let the dog lick the gel or treated area. Repeat daily or as often as needed.